Pain & Stress

Most inquiries happens because of pain and disability. However, if you suffer from
chronic pain, severe pain, stress, if you are dying you mayby need something more.

Pain can be stressful and it can affect you physically and mentally. Stress is a common term for the harmful physical and psychological effects that induce bodily changes. For example it leads to feeling anxious, poor night's sleep, heart palpitations, anxiety, upset stomach, shortness of breath... 

You can learn to "live with chronic pain" and reduce stress. However, this requires changes in your everyday life. 

Physiotherapist Barbara Juen has received further training during the past years in cognitive therapy, mindfulness and functional muscle treatment. 

Physiotherapist Regina Holtappels is also educated in techniques relaxing muscles and nerves.

NEW. The clinic is affiliated with a psychomotor therapist. For further information you can read "We offer" - "Relaxation"

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